Monday, May 14, 2012

Mindflash Promotional Codes and Coupons

Mindflash is an new, innovative training management company that helps simplify the entire training process for employers while providing the support and tools that help employees excel and understand the materials provided. Mindflash helps create online training courses, and manage the entire training process for hiring new staff. They also help provide new information in regards to new materials and equipment available to each company, and they help employers save money that would otherwise be spent sending employees to training camps and programs. It improves workplace efficiency. With a Mindflash promotional code, employers can save money while enjoying the benefits of this online program while trying out the services that are offered by the company.

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The Mindflash online training program will help provide employees with a route to follow when taking their training program. In addition, they will help track and monitor each employee's progress, and will also help notify each employee individually on their progress. Employees who do not pass the quizzes and tests that are set up for them will be provided with pdfs and powerpoints that will be able to help them better understand the concepts behind the materials, and those who pass will be able to attain a certificate of recognition.

Mindflash Review

It is also a platform for employers to sell and buy online training courses and materials. A marketplace is set up for employers to upload their own training program while also being able to view the training programs that are created by others. Pre-made training programs have been known to be able to help employers save hours of time that would have been otherwise been spent creating their own program. There are lots of informative materials available.

Mindflash offers several different types of training plans to employers, and they offer a free 30 day unlimited use for employers to determine whether Mindflash services are beneficial to their company, and able to boost efficiency. There are no risks involved, and Mindflash does not require any credit card information.

The training plans are separated based on different features that Mindflash is able to provide, and the amount of trainees that the training program will be able to track and manage. A Mindflash promotional code will help employers save money on each of the training plans. The basic plan will start at $29/month, and will allow for employers to train up to 5 employees at a time, and will include all of the services mentioned before with the exception being that unlimited phone support and API is not included. Each plan above the basic will either allow for employers to train more employees at the same time, access unlimited phone support or access unlimited phone support and API. Employers are able to train up to 1000 employees at a time with the enterprise plan; employers that need anything above that will want to contact the company for a customized plan catered to their needs.  Employers are able to switch plans at any time online.

Mindflash uses a monthly billing plan which can be cancelled at any time. Those who are looking to sell training material and not access the training management service can do so at no cost at all; however, a small percentage of the revenue will go to Mindflash.

This online training management program helps save money, and makes training a lot more efficient and effective. Mindflash is able to help track and monitor the progresses of each of the employees and provide results to employers. When the whole system is set up, it will basically run automatically lessening the stress placed on employers. There are numerous savings and deals available on the site, and a Mindflash coupon code will help employers save even more money when trying out this new tool which may help boost the workplace efficiency of their company.

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