Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lady Gaga Responds To Born This Way Topping 'Pretentious Albums' List

'Eye roll,' Gaga tweets after music mag NME blasts her latest LP.
By James Montgomery

<P>Earlier this week, British music mag <a href=" </P><P>_albums_ever&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1" target="_blank"><i>NME</i></a> set out to determine the "10 Most Pretentious Albums Ever." The list includes (genuinely pretty terrible) conceptual fare like Kiss' <i>Music From "The Elder,"</i> Lou Reed's <i>Metal Machine Music</i> and, uh, <a href="">Lady Gaga</a>'s <i>Born This Way,</i> which somehow bested all competitors to nab the #1 spot. </P><P> </P><P>How? Well, as <i>NME</i> writer Priya Elan wrote, "On <i>Born This Way,</i> [Gaga] seemed to believe in her own hype, convinced she had a message to share. Cue an album of unwieldy 'anthems' that couldn't mask the fact that the fun had left the building." Elan singled out the thumping "Schei&#223;e" as <I>BTW</i>'s most pretentious moment, adding, "Did electroclash die for this?" </P><P> </P><P>Snap. As you'd probably expect, those jabs had Gaga's Little Monsters on the offensive, and they launched an all-out attack on Elan in the comments section of <i>NME</i>'s website. But Gaga herself remained above the fray &#8212; for a while, anyway. </P><P> </P><P>On Thursday night, she took to her <a </P><P>href="!/ladygaga/status/172828595134267392" target="_blank">Twitter account</a> to hit back at <i>NME,</i> a publication that's certainly been <a href="" target="_blank">no stranger to charges of pretentiousness</a> over the years. </P><P> </P><P>"Oh the irony of winning 'Most Pretentious Album Ever' from none other than NME. *Eye roll,*" Gaga wrote. "I might laugh forever [and] then return to narcissism." </P><P> </P><P>Double snap. Having sufficiently eye-rolled her way through the situation, there's been no further comment from Gaga about the list. </P><P> </P><P><I>NME,</i> of course, has since turned the exchange into <a href="" target="_blank">a separate story,</a> one which, for whatever reason (word count?), includes recent comments Gaga made about bulimia ... and spaghetti. *Eye roll.*</p>

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